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The European Technology Platform on Nanomedicine is a key driver of healthtech innovation in Europe
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What is the ETPN?

The ETP Nanomedicine (ETPN) is an initiative led by industry since 2005 and set up together with the European Commission, to address the application of nanotechnology in healthcare. The ETPN believes that involving industry will accelerate the development of promising ideas, and provide the effective and safe healthcare products that patients demand.

The ETPN is officially recognized as an ETP, a key element in the European innovation ecosystem and a main bridge between the community and the European Commission to implement Research FrameWork Programmes.

ETPN Hq'sIn 2015, the ETPN became an independent Association under the French law 1901, with its Secretariat in central Paris, in the campus of the ESPCI (Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielle de la ville de Paris). The association gathers today more than 125 members from 25 different Member States, covering all stakeholders of Nanomedicine : academia, SMEs, industry, pubic agencies, representatives from national platforms, European Commission, etc.

The strategic research priorities of the ETP Nanomedicine represent the core fields of interest and activities of the members of the technology platform: Regenerative Medicine and BiomaterialsNanotherapeutics( including drug delivery), Medical devices including Nanodiagnostics and Imaging.


The ETPN acts as:


The Think Tank of Nanomedicine in Europe

Supporting public funding of the most promising R&D topics – “where Nanomedicine can bring something more” – through strategic inputs coming for all stakeholders, towards the E.C.


A driving force for industrialization

Detecting the best innovations in Nanomedicine and facilitate their access to the clinic through the Nanomedicine Translation Hub, a global set of premium services, free-of-charge for the beneficiaries.

The ETPN drives the convergence of health technologies in Europe.


In 2017-2020, the ETPN has coordinated the NOBEL Project, which has built a unique ecosystem in EUROPE for the convergence of Nanomedicine & emerging medical technologies. NOBEL is a Coordination and Support Action (C.S.A.) funded for three years by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement no .766492).

From precision engineering to smart connected HealthTech, NOBEL has also paved the way for the establishment of the HealthTech4EU Alliance,  a new & unique European Technology platform in healthcare regrouping 7 European Technology Organisations with applications in healthcare, namely:


Together, they represent +4000 innovative stakeholders in Europe from academia, RTOs, SMEs. The HealthTech4EU Alliance notably aims at shaping EU-funded programmes with healthcare industries and the EU Commission, e.g. IHI the new PPP for innovative health in Europe EUhealthPPP.

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